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Unlocking Growth through a Chief of Staff with Valerie Trapunsky - Ep. 91
Episode 9128th August 2023 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this pertinent episode, Valerie Trapunsky, Founder and CEO of ChatterBoss, shares how she and her team built a product that clients can trust to reliably deliver instant, personalized and thoughtful service.

You will discover:

- Why would should delegate even tasks you like

- What a Chief of Staff staff can do for you

- What 1000 assistants said are the top three things they need

After a decade spent working as a top-level assistant for A-list celebrities and as the Chief of Staff for high-net-worth individuals and CEOs, Valerie Trapunsky founded ChatterBoss in 2017. She developed a passion for effective problem-solving and became committed to bringing the same level of excellent service to solo entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives ready to scale. At ChatterBoss, they strive to solve customer needs through a combination of intelligent technology, intelligent systems, and most importantly, intelligent people. 

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