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Podcaster Stories - Danny Brown EPISODE 5, 21st May 2020
Talking with Jeff Esposito of Kaspersky Security
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Talking with Jeff Esposito of Kaspersky Security

In episode five of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Jeff Esposito, Global Head of Regional Social Media at Kaspersky, and co-host of the Transatlantic Cable Podcast.

After being an early adopter of social media, and working on the PR and communications side of VistaPrint, Jeff started at Kaspersky, where he uses the company's podcast to educate both consumers and business of the importance of online security and data protection.

In this week’s show, I sit down with Jeff to talk about the changing face of security, and some of the things you can do to protect yourself.

Topics on the menu include:

  • Why the Kaspersky podcast was launched
  • How the dark web operates
  • How to monitor what your kids are doing online
  • How to protect your family from hackers
  • Some simple tips on securing your home network without breaking the bank
  • Why you should never pick up random USB sticks

Settle back for an informative show about security, what privacy online really looks like, and why you should never assume businesses have your best interests at heart.

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