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PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Kelly Mitchell EPISODE 22, 3rd June 2021
A Scientist's Guide To The Apocalypse

A Scientist's Guide To The Apocalypse

S1: E22: A Scientist's Guide To The Apocalypse


Kelly reveals recent science innovations from genetically engineered mosquitos to reviving 100 million year old microbes and who is funding these experiments. A little wine and imagination go a long way.

Time Stamps

[00:00-Intro In Social Sciences]

[02:52-A Bug's Life]

[05:09-Mutant Mosquitos]

[09:43-Organ Donor Repo]

[14:12-Bacteria & Cockroaches Survive]


Key Takeaways

*Non-alcoholic drinks lower inhibitions too

*I'm an asshole friend

*Brain control by genetically engineered mosquitos is trending

*Team Big Tech

*Don't answer the door for organ repo men

*Get a sexy credit profile and live forever

*3D printing templates for penises coming soon

*Meteors are like the universes sperm dump

*If you aren't sure what will happen, poke it with a stick

*I would never leave a hollo-deck

*This episode will make you day drink

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