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Permission to learn with Yun Rhee, Founder and CEO of Elevated Human Experience
Episode 3222nd July 2023 • Creating Powerful Impact • Shay Wheat
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We are in a time of information overload.

The amount of time we spend trying to understand everything around us is actually damaging and anxiety inducing.

The more time we spend gathering information, the less time we spend in action, preventing us from reaching our goals.

So what can we do?

Yun Rhee, Founder and CEO of Elevated Human Experience, shares how understanding how energy is everything and how we function in the programs around us allows us to focus.

Listen to Creating Powerful Impact as Yun and Shay discuss the importance of the actions and decisions we make every day.

Writer Downers

1) 6:37 You become what you think about most of the time

2) 8:20 Gathering all the information

3) 11:19 Unlock your imagination

Yun was giving so many diamonds in this conversation, you do not want to skip this episode.

Be ready to take notes and understand that feelings are indicators of our vibrational state.

Yun Rhee is the founder and CEO of The Elevated Human Experience and Overflow Mastermind Group, Yun Rhee is a gifted and unique powerhouse of positivity and high-yielding energy. Her insight and tools activate and amplify one’s Truth. She is a Coach’s Coach and a Leader’s Leader, shining her insights into each client as they come to understand the unlimited potential and gifts that they are born with.

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