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Tools: Broad Fork, Digging Fork, and Pitch Fork
Episode 217th April 2020 • Journey into Permaculture • Vinson Corbo
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The broad fork, digging fork, and pitch fork. This episode explains 3 different types of "forks". It also covers till vs. no till and why a broad fork is better than a tilling method. Most of the episode covers what a broad fork is, how to use it, and when you should use a digging fork and a pitch fork. These tools are a great addition to your shed, but all have a different purpose.

Tilling is a common practice in traditional agriculture, however, it is detrimental to soil life. Over production of the land with gas powered tractors, tilling more than ever before had helped cause the dustbowl. Now the average American farm is dependent on fossil fuel based artificial fertilizers to keep the land productive. Without these, the industry would suffer greatly, revealing the soil has degraded to just dirt. The broad fork keeps the soil intact and builds soil health over time. Eventually you won't have to use one after several seasons of using a broad fork.

There are three broad fork makers to keep in mind when buying one: Meadow Creature, Treadlite, and Johnny's Seeds. My personal favorite is the Meadow Creature broad fork design because it is made of all-metal, however Treadlite offers replacement metal handles.

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