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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 328, 28th May 2020
Ep. 328 - Lindsey’s Current Favorite Things
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Ep. 328 - Lindsey’s Current Favorite Things


We’re stuck at home, and sometimes searching for something to help stimulate us. That yearning inspired Lindsey to ask herself, “What can support me, what can stimulate me, what can make me feel better?” During this time in quarantine, Lindsey has been focusing on the little things that bring her joy to bring her back to a state of gratitude. In today’s episode, Lindsey shares some of her go-to things that she’s using during this time to give her more energy, inspiration, grounding, or physical self-care. From what she puts on her face to in her tummy, or how she move stagnant energy, this is a super-tactical episode that we hope helps you wherever you are mentally, physically or spiritually while in quarantine


We also talk about:

  • How Lindsey takes care of her skin
  • Taking time to create
  • Making appointments with yourself
  • Lindsey’s favorite snack
  • Having life in your space
  • The ritual of getting coffee
  • Balancing minerals in your body
  • Getting high-quality sleep
  • Designating time to completely shut off


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