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Why Bloggers Are Screwed...
Episode 10117th July 2023 • Blogger Evolution Affiliate SEO Show • Chris Myles
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On this episode of Blogger Evolution, host Chris Myles delves into monetization strategies for bloggers. The episode kicks off by suggesting creating and publishing original content on your website. Chris also advises polling your audience to determine what they want and then creating it for them. Platforms like PayPal and Gumroad are recommended for monetizing content, while creating downloadable lists can help build an email list of buyers and potentially earn more through affiliate offers. Chris emphasizes the importance of creating a cover for your content using Canva, even if it's not perfect, and improving it over time. Adding calls to action on your website and emails can increase passive income. The episode explores multiple ways to generate income, such as memberships, selling, ad space, and downloadable info products. Other opportunities highlighted include coaching and consulting, YouTube channel monetization, job boards, and ebooks. Chris emphasizes the importance of creating compelling offers and using PayPal to set up the monetization process. The episode also tackles the question of whether blogging is going to die, offering insights into the addictive nature of getting into blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Chris shares personal experiences and success stories, providing valuable lessons for aspiring bloggers. The episode continues with discussions on email subscription lists, website revenue optimization, and diversifying income streams beyond display ads and affiliate marketing. Chris highlights the effectiveness of email marketing and suggests various advertising methods to monetize website traffic. Diversification and exploring other monetization strategies are emphasized as crucial for long-term success. Throughout the episode, Chris stresses the importance of promoting reputable products and brands to maintain audience trust. The episode concludes by debunking the myth that display ads and affiliate marketing alone can lead to substantial passive income. By exploring different avenues for monetization, bloggers can maximize their earning potential and evolve their blogging journey.