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Joe Woods - Taking Law Firm Billing to the Next-Level
Episode 214th September 2020 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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This episode features Pratik Patel, the Head of Innovation at Elevate, and Joe Woods, COO at Lane Powell, a nearly 200 lawyer firm in the Pacific Northwest. Pratik and Joe talk about Technology, the transition to a work from home environment, and the results of effective technology implementation.

Joe Woods describes his journey to COO, sharing insights and specifically how Lane Powell transitioned to remote work; including the centralization of billing processes and choosing the right partner.

Joe Woods said - "For law firms to be truly successful in today's dynamic environment, they need to truly partner with vendors." And explained that People, Process and Technology – is the right order to revamp a process.

Pratik Patel co-hosts a wide-ranging conversation on the building of the Elevate Manage Billing module. Explaining that the value lies in how the technology fits into the law firm processes.

We cover a lot, including:

  • [03:37] - Interesting facts about Lane Powell that entice Joe Woods to join.
  • [04:57] - Opportunities and challenges that Joe focused on first.
  • [06:21] - Implementing billing technology to streamline billing operations.
  • [07:36] - Blending technology and people's expertise.
  • [09:20] - Role of technology in processes and how Lane Powell has increased the technology adoption rate.
  • [11:13] - How user feedback plays a critical role in defining a process and a technology solution.
  • [12:43] - Does remote-work impact the adoption of technology?
  • [15:13] - Four fundamental aspects of Elevate’s Manage Billing Module. 
  • [16:00] - How has Elevate's Manage Billing Module impacted Lane Powell's journey so far, and what results have they achieved?
  • [18:52] - Tips from Joe Woods to implement technology solutions.