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Benefits of Energy Work with Sarah Granahan
Episode 721st April 2021 • The Holistic Counseling Podcast • Chris McDonald, LCMHCS
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Have you come into contact with energy work? Do you know what reiki and healing touch are? Are you aware of the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits?

I speak with Sarah Granahan about the benefits of energy work.


Sarah Granahan is the Founder of Color My Spirit, LLC -an organization she created in 2012 to offer inspiration, motivation & self-healing to people by helping them explore the messages their bodies are sending them. Sarah is an Energy & Intuitive Coach with training as a Holy Fire® Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT), Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice (HTP-A), Hypnotherapist, Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine and Healy Practitioner. Her gifting includes being an Intuitive Empath, Shaman, Medium, Animal & Child Messages & Energy Worker, and Wellness Coach.

Sarah treats people with sleep disturbances, anxiety, pain, grief, wound healing, fatigue, or side-effects from medication and chemotherapy. She also offers sessions for people who want to explore their shadows and clear old energy to support their general well-being. In 2020, Sarah expanded her practice and opened Color My Spirit Wellness - a place where alternative & holistic practitioners can gather to treat clients on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to encourage alignment and balance.

Visit her website. Connect on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Reiki and Holy Fire definition
  • Healing touch
  • Combining energy work with therapy
  • Detoxing after energy work
  • Taking on other people’s (negative) energy


Reiki is a Japanese-based energy modality that works with resetting life force energies and promotes healing and helps you recenter and reground so that you can move forward more clearly. Holy fire is a different energy that came through reiki a couple of years ago. It’s basically a higher vibrational current of the same energy modality. Anybody can become trained in reiki and you then become attuned to that healing energy. When somebody comes in for a session, you’re just a conduit holding that energetic space for the client and the client is going to heal for their highest good. 


Everybody is walking around with baggage. Healing touch is a heart-centered modality. You’re holding an intention that you’re going to help your clients heal for their highest good from one heart to another. It’s a different energy current. But it does the same amount of work that reiki does.

However, with reiki, your detox period will be 5-7 days.

With healing touch, it will be 3-4 days. Healing touch is great for clearing baggage, as well as for removing things in the mental, spiritual and emotional field.


Mental health isn’t looked at as closely as it should be. But, taking care of your emotional and mental health is so important. People report feeling lighter and more at peace after reiki sessions.

Sarah would definitely recommend combining this with counseling. Although the client should be ready to do this. Energy work works well on, not just your mental state, but your physical, emotional, and spiritual work as well. 


The effectiveness of energy work relies on the client’s readiness to receive it. Essentially, the energy will be released and the client then has the free will to do what they will with it.

You also have to be careful with your words (before a session) because those are intentions we set. You may come to a session ready to release everything and then feel flu-like symptoms the next day, such as body aches, etc. This, however, is linked to the energy work and is simply your body detoxing.

As you are detoxing after an energy session, it may be ‘extreme’ in the beginning but will subside thereafter. Drinking a lot of water after energy work can help with this.


Many counselors/therapists struggle with taking on clients’ issues. This can result in therapists becoming confused over what’s theirs and what’s not. It’s important to make time to apply certain energy healing techniques to yourself, especially if you are sensitive.

Sarah teaches how to say hello to other people’s energies and then how to say goodbye. Often, consciously you may think you have let things go, but subconsciously you are still carrying baggage around.

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