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E146 - Actionable Intention: How Journaling Can Help You Reach Your Goals | with Thom King
Episode 14620th July 2021 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Thom King is the Chief Food Scientist and CEO of Icon Foods, as well as a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating. While Thom has a lot of projects on his plate, he has one secret weapon for handling it all: journaling. That’s why keeping a journal and using it to set goals is his One Big Tip! 

Thom says journaling, much like meditation, is a practice. In this episode, he shares tons of great tips for implementing that practice into your own life, from journaling at the same time every day to asking yourself a question to get the words flowing. 

Thom also shares tips for using your journal to set goals and create action plans. The key is to keep your intentions actionable and to let go of your expectations. When you follow Thom’s tips, you’ll be sure to reach your desired outcome with a little bit of patience and flexibility!

In this episode:

  • [2:17] Thom gives us a quick look at the long list of roles in his repertoire and explains why he has so much on his plate - he feels most fulfilled when he is constantly creating as an entrepreneur.
  • [7:40] Thom shares his tips for journaling. He says it’s a practice that you should do at the same time every day. Don’t know where to start? Ask yourself a question!
  • [10:04] Thom shares his goal-setting process, which is a big part of journaling: set an intention, create an action plan, and adjust it as needed. 
  • [10:58] Thom says letting go of expectations and outcomes is important when journaling and goal-setting. 
  • [11:57] We discuss the importance of actionable intention. 
  • [15:47] Thom discusses optimism and the ways in which we can learn and grow from our mistakes. 

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