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Mental health - The hidden cost of work? With Ben Musio
Episode 101st May 2019 • Old Fox Young Fox • Old Fox Young Fox
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We are as a global society working harder and faster, but is it for the best?

This episode of Old Fox Young Fox is hard work. Specifically, thinking the concept through and discussing with Ben Musio how we could right-size our work culture to bring more balance into our lives.

Telework, instant chat, long commutes characterise the modern job for many. We change job every couple of years. We’re always learning, always plugged in and are told we are smarter than ever. But how is this pace affecting us? And when compared to the ways of work in years gone by, are we any better off?

Topics covered include;

  • How has work changed?
  • How is technology affecting work?
  • Is the increase in pace negatively affecting us?
  • How do we best handle new ways of working?
  • The Brexit episode:

About our guest

Ben Musio is a legal professional based near London. Previously a guest on the Brexit episode, Ben is a hard-working, well-read, former country-representing sportsman and most importantly, is a very Young Fox.

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