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Colton Griffin, Co-Founder & CEO, Flourish Software
Episode 2123rd June 2021 • Lit Up Founders • Lit Up Media
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Taking full advantage of every opportunity; both the apparent and the hidden, is the best way I can sum up our guest’s founder's Journey. 

Growing up in rural Tennessee, he enjoyed all the nature, and freedom, country life had to offer. 

At the age of 14, he was identified by a teacher for a life changing opportunity, nominating him for a scholarship to boarding school, vastly opening up his world.

In a biodiesel project, our guest discovered a passion for engineering early. It was a first step in following his passion for solving complex problems. A career day presentation from a global executive at UT solidified his focus on Industrial Engineering.

Recruited into a consulting firm, his very first day onsite was training seasoned executives on their Supply Chain software at a client called you may have heard of: Nike. 

He learned to Just Do It! 

His journey solving complex global business problems progressed from consulting, to in-house, eventually starting his own consulting practice.

During a trip out to California to meet with a potential client, the vendor never showed. Chatting while they waited, their solution sounded like maybe it could work for a friend of one of the attendees, who happened to be a Cannabis Grow Operation. After a listening tour, and review of the marketplace, they saw the HUGE opportunity! In March, 2017 they pivoted and dived full into Cannabis. They have since grown the company to a full seed-to-sale software, helping to drive some amazing success stories of their own.

Please enjoy the Founders Journey of Colton Griffin, Co-Founder & CEO of Flourish Software.

Professional Summary:

Colton is the Co-Founder & CEO of Flourish Software, a leading supply chain management and seed to sale tracking software solution for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp verticals. Prior to Flourish, Colton was a consultant at Manhattan Associates, a market leader in best-of-breed supply chain software. There he specialized in business intelligence and data analytics for supply chain applications, helping dozens of companies optimize their operations. He moved onto Genuine Parts Company (Fortune #177) where he built and managed a reporting platform deployed to dozens of distribution centers as well as corporate inventory optimization and trade management systems. He started a consulting practice focused on this discipline and ultimately founded a startup to build a SaaS analytics platform for distribution center operations. Flourish was born from this endeavor. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a BS in Industrial Engineering.

Company Summary: 

Flourish Software is a leading technology provider of enterprise supply chain and inventory management software built for the cannabis, CBD and hemp industries. Flourish currently serves cultivators, manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Flourish is integrated with state compliance systems, so cannabis operators remain compliant while they capture critical business data, operate more efficiently, track product from seed to sale, and leverage advanced analytics. Flourish Software was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Colton Griffin, Co-Founder & CEO, Flourish Software

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