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SoloMoms! Talk - J. Rosemarie EPISODE 21, 17th November 2020
Teaching Solo Moms to Fish - Susanne "Sanni" Rosebrock

Teaching Solo Moms to Fish - Susanne "Sanni" Rosebrock

Susanne "Sanni" Rosebrock heads the Moms and Mentors program at 1UP Victoria.

1UP Victoria provides resources such as counseling, workshops, and much more to single parents.

Sometimes organization struggle to provide basic care to the community they serve.

It is impressive to note that 1UP Victoria not only provide for basic needs such as food and clothing but they also give single parents the opportunity to learn new skills, get counseling support, and as in the case of Moms and Mentors, provide mentoring to single moms.

Website: About 1UP Victoria website / Facebook

Thrifty Foods Smile Card: Email info@1-up.ca or call 250-385-1114 

To apply to become a mentor to single moms email Sunni: Sanni@1-up.ca. 250-385-1114 x5

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