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Is It Too Late to Start a Podcast in 2021?
Episode 180 β€’ 12th May 2021 β€’ How to Get Your First 100K Podcast Listeners: For Online Business Owners β€’ Luis Diaz
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PDS #180

It's too late to start a podcast. Yes or NO? 

Not too late to start a BAD podcast.  


The real question what I am going to produce going to help me achieve whatever it is I want to achieve or will it just be a waste of time???

But the REAL reason people falter is often due to a misalignment issue...

Meaning what they ultimately want from the podcast is in alignment with how they are designing the show.

From the 

- the guests

- the content 

- The offers

- the repurposing of the podcast

- The growth strategy 

- The marketing plan etc..

A lot of times people will design the wrong podcast for the goal they want to achieve....

Meaning your podcast is more set up to build your name in the industry but you want it to primarily bring your leads and sales...

that's a misalignment issue...

For example if you're a coach who's helping people lets say...

Remove the mental block from their subconscious mind....

and your offer price point is 3k then

If you're a coach, a podcast could be a great lead nurture tool even if you only have 30 to 100 people listening and the 2 sales you close all year from it could mean 20 to 50k extra to your bottom line.

So no it's not too late but you've gotta have to design the podcast around the result you want to achieve. 


If that's just to help people then just on the mic and go don't say you want to "just help people" but then get mad because it's not building your audience or making you extra sales....

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