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Transformational Marketing Blueprint - Know - E026
Episode 2616th July 2021 • Tales of Marketing Transformation • Dr Jürgen Strauss
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You've probably heard that we work with people that we know, like, and trust. How do we build relationships along that journey?

Our Transformational Marketing Blueprint is a framework for that journey. Over the next 3 marketing episodes, I'll walk you through an overview of that blueprint.

The Transformational Marketing Blueprint is a 12 step framework for your marketing, that acts as a guide through the entire marketing journey focused on your dream customers. The Blueprint is organised as a circular framework, since no marketing journey is linear, and is in 3 phases - the Know-Like-Trust phases. Each phase is colour coded for easy visual recognition and is made up of 4 steps.

In this episode, we'll cover the Know phase, the start of a new marketing journey. The four steps of this phase are:

  1. My Lighthouse (it's a metaphor)
  2. My Target Market and Dream Customer
  3. Their Problem or Need and Transformation
  4. My Message to My Target Market

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