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(Bonus Ep. 36) The What, Why, & How We Should be Consuming Food with Ian Kennedy
Episode 3611th February 2021 • FLOWE • Kelly Kennedy
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In this bonus episode of The Beats Podcast, Kelly Kennedy sits down once again for her insightful husband Ian Kennedy to discuss the controversial topic of food. Ultimately, I think we can all agree there may not be a perfect diet and that variety is key, however, based on our anatomy there are some tell tales of what the body is designed to digest.

We hope you enjoy this loaded episode full of information and insight.


0:00 | Introduction

1:05 | Is there a perfect diet?

2:29 | Our anatomy tells us what the ideal diet is, the difference between omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores

6:41 | Based off anatomy, what Ian believes to be the optimal diet for humans

8:59 | We should not be afraid of eating fruits

9:25 | The problem with cooked vegetables

10:23 | The importance of having a variety

11:14 | Our ‘abundant’ society is actually destructive

12:08 | What kind of meat should we be eating?

13:30 | Bowel movements should reflect your food intake

14:16 | The importance of food flexibility

14:37 | Your body will change depending on what your are eating 

16:07 | We are filters, using the food we ingest to build the body

16:45 | The most common diseases in our society are caused by lifestyle and food choices

17:11 | Why cultures often pray over their food

18:11 | ‘Don’t eat your food with your fingers’….not so fast...

18:30 | Why we should give our digective tract a break

19:41 | We receive most of our energy from breathing air

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