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Where Do We Go After We Die? With Kelsey B. Reynolds
Episode 257th April 2023 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca
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How do we talk to children about death in the absense of a specific religious tradition? In a special episode of Mormonish, Landon and Rebecca talk with children's author Kelsey B. Reynolds about her new book, "Where Do We Go After We Die?" Kelsey's beautifully self illustrated book explores the endless possibilities that exist when you ask the question, "What comes next?!" Her book gives children and adults a chance to read about and discuss a topic that can sometimes be difficult or frightening. Her gorgeous watercolor illustrations and simple prose make the topic very accessible in a wonderfully positive way. Kelsey also shares her own personal faith journey and details from her life that led her to delve more deeply into the question of what happens after we die. I guarantee you will want your own copy of this wonderful book! Maybe several!