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Transforming Tension To Connection with Klara Sedlacek
Episode 11022nd December 2022 • The Blissful Parenting Podcast • The Blissful Parent
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Kids most of the time are messy, loud and obnoxious, but that's just who they are. We want to stay positive and be gentle, but our expectations on our children as well as on ourselves, becomes our biggest clash. How can we not let all of these triggers, hustles and bustles as well as our traumas interfere with our parenting? 

Tune in as Michelle and Klara Sedlacek, an emotional wellness coach, talk about how moms can lessen their expectations to have control on those triggers and pressures in life. This episode will help moms find their missing link - the self-acceptance. Moms, you can turn those tensions into connection - learn to dance with the mess and connect more to your kids!

“We are so preoccupied like, How do we raise kind children? How do we make sure they are resilient? How do we make sure they succeed? But internally as moms, we carry so much harshness inside towards ourselves. We are trying to wiggle out through that, and show our kids how to be kind, but then we are creating this internal struggle.” - Klara Sedlacek

About the Guest:

Klara Sedlacek is an emotional wellness coach and a key-note speaker. She is  passionate about helping fellow moms of toddlers transform tension into connection with clinically proven mind-body tools and strategies. Klara is a trauma-informed, emotional wellness coach and a certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. Her approach is rooted in Nurturing the Now and Releasing the Past.





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