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The Challenges of Battery Warranty
Episode 2624th August 2022 • DC Power Hour • Eagle Eye Power Solutions
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In this episode the Battery Blarney Duo, George and Allen discuss the challenges of battery warranty and why battery maintenance is important. Many battery problems can be attributed to a lack of maintenance. Batteries are usually warranted for only a year or two, and many battery manufacturers consider battery failures due to sulfation (a lead acid battery enemy) to be the user's fault. Sulfation occurs when a battery is left in a discharged state for too long.

Our society has become accustomed to seeing things work without maintenance until they no longer work, and batteries are no exception. Disposable batteries have spoiled us rotten. With battery ignition, there's very little battery maintenance required other than checking the electrolyte level and keeping it topped off. When was the last time you replaced the battery in your smoke alarm or flashlight? All batteries will eventually die, but with proper care and maintenance, their lives can be prolonged.

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02:26 - You have to select the right battery for the application, and that's one of my biggest concerns is, are people getting the right advice?

08:07  - A lot of the batteries were not being placed and service properly, there were others sitting on the shelf too long, a lot of people don't realize that a typical battery only has a shelf life of 3-6 months.

19:28 - It is also important that you charge the battery according to the manufacturing instructions, because the battery may require different charging voltages.

30:43 - Anything that you do to that battery or anything that happens to that battery during its life, should be recorded and all of the information about it should be recorded.

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