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#094 - Hospitality Meets John Holden - The Skills Gap Facilitator
Episode 9413th October 2021 • Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street • Phil Street
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Throughout my time of running this humble little show, I've been introduced to people from all over the industry in various capacities. It's one of things I love the most.

Today's guest is inspiring hearts and minds on choosing a career in hospitality but is not just leaving it there, he's then facilitating connections to help get them the best start possible.

I got some time with John Holden, Food & Beverage Lecturer at Tameside College and Founder of Bridging the Skills Gap (

We chat through:-

  • Hospitality meets (Yay)
  • Moving into academia
  • Passing on the passion
  • Moving to London
  • Learning German
  • Dealing with legal issues
  • Starting in pubs
  • Changing perspective
  • Moving over to training
  • Grabbing life by the balls
  • Sliding doors
  • Competitions
  • Helping students
  • Work experience
  • Awful guests
  • Being a good guest
  • Striking up relationships

And so much more.

John's work is exceptional and I'd encourage anyone who wants to help give the next generation a great start in their career to reach out to him on


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