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The Hard Thing Podcast - Justin Lewis EPISODE 127, 1st October 2020
TM 60: Going On a Wow Date & Being Intentional
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TM 60: Going On a Wow Date & Being Intentional

Welcome to the 60th episode of the Thursday Meditations Show!

The goal of the thursday show is to show you our journey to hopefully help inspire you and hopefully help you relate more.

We also decided that Ty and I will have a fully free-form conversation on a New Podcast, called the All Things Podcast. If you want to hear us continue our conversation, listen to the rest on that podcast.

As well, we are now on Youtube! Check us out there!

With that said let’s get to some announcements.

Before we get to the show, here are a couple announcements

Join our facebook group! The link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehardthingpodcast

Help us raise $1,000 for the non profit O.U.R. by going to https://www.gofundme.com/f/overcoming-average

On today’s episode, we start off talking about Ty’s challenge. Ty completed the challenge having talked with 3 random strangers. We remarked at how when one gives challenges to the other, they often keep and do those challenges as well. Odd.

Next we talk about the action items left to us from Diana George on this last monday’s interview episode. Those actions items were:

1.Find your purpose

2. Be Intentional

3. Get into action

Ty and I then give our experience of doing those three action items.

Finally I give Ty a new challenge. He chose to plan and execute a WOW date with his wife for less than $50. 

As always, keep doing hard things and you will overcome average.

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Again thanks so much for listening, & stay tuned to next week. Keep doing Hard Things, & Keep Overcoming Average.