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Empowering Women in CRE with Sarah Malcolm
Episode 3519th July 2023 • Performance Mindset • Amy Calandrino
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On today’s episode of the Performance Mindset podcast, Amy welcomes Sarah Malcolm to the show. Sarah is a fellow Power Beacon and a part of the Commercial Real Estate Influencers Summit. She is a founder and Executive Vice President Managing Director of Quiet Valor, an ad agency servicing tech, biotech, real estate, and healthcare companies. Sarah takes brands with zero traction and builds them into something incredible. She pours her energy into all the companies she’s worked with since her company's founding.

Sarah is in the Top 25 Women Founders in Commercial Real Estate as of 2022 and a member of CREi. Her gift is building authentic relationships through the latest digital marketing innovation, making her a sought-out industry voice. Her passion lies in bringing together people in new ways, which has won her awards and captured the attention of Forbes, where she is a featured contributor.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Sarah’s background and how she transitioned into commercial real estate and started Quiet Valor.
  2. Why she finds it important to connect on a personal level with her clients, and how that allows her to understand their brand.
  3. What the CREi Summit means to her and the industry overall.
  4. The Power Beacons, what the group does for women in commercial real estate, and why it’s special.
  5. Quiet Valor’s origin story, the company’s goals, and how Sarah develops authentic relationships with her clients.
  6. Trends Sarah has identified in successful businesses and how you can replicate that in your own business.
  7. Why leadership and the social media voice in a company need to align with the company’s values and branding.
  8. How Sarah Malcolm balances running a business with her family life.
  9. Her advice for women leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs.

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