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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 22, 31st July 2020
Product Marketing Insider | Phill Brougham, Trint
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Product Marketing Insider | Phill Brougham, Trint

Product Marketing Manager at Trint, and PMA ambassador, Phill Brougham, shares his experience of moving from a role as an account executive to a solo PMM, what attracted him to a career in product marketing, how the level of understanding he has for sales has helped him succeed, his top three skills in the role; curiosity, empathy, and communication, plus his tips for others wanting to move into the role.


"In the last year, our business has evolved in such a great way that subsequently my focus has changed and evolved many times as a product marketer. At Trint I really focus on the sales enablement piece and making sure that we're aligned across the business, making sure that we had repeatability in our go-to-market for the sales team specifically. At Trint that became much more of a holistic approach."