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The Myth of Chemical Imbalances-Part 1
Episode 1554th May 2023 • Life = Choices; Choices = Life • Kim Olver
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In this episode, I interview Dr. Terry Lynch, author of Beyond ProzacSelfhood and Depression Delusion. Dr. Lynch began his career as a medical doctor and later became a counselor/psychotherapist working with people who have psychiatric responses to their life events. Dr. Lynch talks about what each of his books mean to him, the idea of trauma in one's life and the illusion of chemical imbalances that psychiatry and Big Pharma say cause psychiatric illness. Dr. Lynch says this is a lie! I was enjoying our conversation so much and had other questions to ask him, that I decided to do a two-part podcast with him. If you like this podcast, be sure to tune in to next week's podcast for the answers to the questions posed at the end of this show. To reach Dr. Lynch, you may email him at