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Why I'm a Hypocrite on TIAA Traditional & Info on Univ of Neb Retirement Plan
Episode 3215th November 2022 • TIAA Strategies With Independent Expert • Greg Shepard
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(Formally HigherEd Retire Podcast)

Lucky episode for you - 2 in one. Not sure why I did 2 short episodes, but figured each were too short to stand alone.

First part, listen as I share with you why I'm a self-proclaimed hypocrite when it comes to TIAA Traditional fixed account. I'll share with you why I've change my mind for now, but also why you need to be very careful if deciding to proceed with this fixed investment.

Second part of episode really lends itself to the employees in the Nebraska University system. Your retirement plan has enhanced in a way that you now have access to an AWESOME feature called BrokerageLink.

Listen as I share with you why I think it's a great idea that you educate yourself on this feature and the top 2 benefits you can take away from BrokerageLink.

Lastly, I'll share with you via link below access to my new private LinkedIn Group, HigherEd Retire, where I'll share with you all kinds of great nuggets of wisdom when it comes to higher ed retirement plans.

📆 Jump on my calendar to see how we can improve your higher ed retirement plan

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