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Episode 8619th September 2023 • Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba • Scuba
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A quick thank you to everyone listening in the UK... we made it into the top 10 music podcasts for the first time last week! Non-UK listeners: tell your friends so we can get up those international charts too!

What is creativity? Why do we value it so much as a society? And how do you unlock it?

These were not questions I was anticipating a deep dive on when I started researching this episode. As a long-time Krust fan, I was looking forward to talking about early Jungle and the Bristol DnB scene. And we do that in this episode, but quite a lot more as well.

After going on a multi-year hiatus in the early 2010s, he launched a coaching and consultancy business called Adapt The Canvas through which he works with a wide range of people to help unlock their creativity.

So we discuss all of that, as well as his own creative process, his last album The Edge Of Everything (which was released on previous NDP guest Damian Lazarus' Crosstown Rebels), the experience of touring himself into the ground with Reprazent, and the development of Jungle and DnB.

This is a good one, a worthy follow-up to last week's episode which was the most popular we've ever done!

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