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Bristol's WW1 Heroes
Episode 1729th April 2024 • The BackTracker History Show • The Backtracker
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Bristol's WW1 Heroes

Season: 5 Episode: 17

World War I commenced on July 28, 1914, spanning four years of intense conflict. and many men in Bristol and the surrounding area enlisted to help the cause but because this war ushered in a new era of warfare, marked by the utilisation of advanced weaponry and machinery across land, sea, and air, there was an unprecedented number of casualties and injuries.

In this episode, we take a look at just a few of those that perished in this war and honour their sacrifice. We also get to hear from one of those soldiers what would keep the lads spirits lifted during those difficult times.


Private F. Sage - Molly Jefferies

Territorial in Cafe - David James-Haile

Lady in Cafe - Rose Hayles

Lieutenant - Steve Yeo

Regimental Diary - Joe Wilson

Ernest Alfred Edge - Steve Sheperd


This podcast has been specially edited from a Bradley Stoke Radio show in Bristol, England. 

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