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The Swypit Show - Episode 7 (Who's Really Watching Your Money? Feat: Jeremy Lock)
Episode 710th December 2021 • The Swypit Show • Kevin Hodes
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In the latest installment of The Swypit Show, Kevin dives into the harsh reality of working with a sub-optimal credit card processing company. The fact is that sometimes you don't even know who specifically is watching your money!

Within this special episode, we also welcome on Jeremy Lock, an Air Force Veteran, Photojournalist, and Host of the Last Letters podcast, to discuss his recent work with Kevin. Together Jeremy and Kevin sat down to record an episode of Last Letters, which is a podcast that reveals the information people would leave to their loved ones, in a letter, if it was their last day on earth.

Kevin and Jeremy also discuss the nature of their relationship, both personally and professionally, as well as the great work Jeremy does as a photojournalist.

For more information on the Last Letters podcast, you can click the following link or search for the podcast on any of your favorite podcasting platforms!

For more information on who is really watching your money when it comes to credit card processing, watch this informative video from the Swypit team:


0:07 - Overview on the topic of the day and our special guest

1:00 - Who is really watching your money?

3:00 - Why the big guys aren't as trustworthy as you may think

6:00 - Quickbooks isn't much better

9:15 - You need to be working with a true professional

11:45 - You're going to pay 40% more with the big guys

14:30 - Background information on Jeremy Lock

17:00 - The one-year anniversary of the Last Letters podcast

18:30 - Kevin's episode on Last Letters called "The Things That Make Us"

21:50 - A friend of Jeremy passed away and left a true last letter before he died

24:40 - Surround yourself with good people and share your advice with the world

27:15 - The little girl story on last letters and the importance of empowering today's youth

29:00 - Check out Last Letters on your favorite podcasting platform

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