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Ep.187 Creating Booming Businesses From Living On Purpose, with Preston Brown
19th July 2022 • Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo • Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo
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Preston Brown is a speaker, entrepreneur and multiple 8 figure business owner specialising in disruptive innovation and profitability scaling companies.

Preston has 18 successful automated operating businesses with gross revenues of over $180 million USD.

He is an expert in finance, business and psychology and has advised hundreds of CEO's and entrepreneurs on how to grow, scale and optimise their companies.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What it means to live on purpose, with purpose.
  • How living purposefully has significantly increased Prestons business success. 
  • How Preston’s father passing away was a catalyst for him to shift from corporate ego driven jerk, into heart centred philanthropic entrepreneur.
  • Midlife mediocrity and how it affects all of us.
  • Masculine and feminine energies and how to understand them better to positively influence our relationships and working life.
  • Preston’s guides to measuring your business success through formulas.
  • And so much more around thriving in business and the overall human experience.

Follow Preston online:

Instagram: @theprestonbrown


Book referenced:

Keys To The Kingdom: Alison Armstrong

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