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Ep 140: Hypertrophy Guide: Pecs
Episode 1409th October 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Want bigger, more defined pecs?

If so, then the episode today is for you.

We break down:

  1. What are the best exercises for pec hypertrophy
  2. What’s the ideal training frequency for pec hypertrophy
  3. How many total sets per week should you hit when training pecs
  4. Which is best - barbells vs. dumbbells vs. machines
  5. And much more…

Tune in below to discover a step-by-step hypertrophy guide for building and developing your pecs

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [05:40] What are the best exercises to choose from when focusing on pec hypertrophy
  • [11:15] Why dumbbells may be a better option for you than a barbell
  • [14:15] What’s happening at the pec during pressing
  • [18:25] Favorite exercises for building the upper pec
  • [23:00] How to do a pec fly efficiently
  • [28:40] The order of operations for pec development: barbell vs. dumbbells vs. cables
  • [33:15] How to appropriately set up dumbbell presses
  • [34:38] Where dips fall into the pec development equation
  • [38:18] How many times per week should you be hitting pecs and what should your working sets look like


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