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The State of Indiana vs. Richard Allen (Part 4) - Analyzing the Original Actions
Episode 620th March 2024 • Closing Arguments • John Razumich
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As we continue our coverage on the State of Indiana vs. Richard Allen case, we take a deeper look into the Original Actions existing within this case.

Original Actions themselves are quite rare to experience, but given the wild nature of this case it's no surprise we've experienced them.

Join us as Jack and Ryan break down the Original Actions, what they mean, and where this case is ultimately headed!


0:00 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

2:40 - What is an Original Action and how it operates

4:09 - The limitations within Original Actions and how they are disfavored by the courts

7:21 - The two Original Actions filed within the Richard Allen case

13:47 - Why The Supreme Court denied the first writ

18:50 - The fireworks surrounding the Franks Motion filed in this case

26:42 - The Supreme Court granting the second Original Action, in part

33:51 - The case has reached a standstill for now

41:40 - Our plan for covering this case in the future as new developments arise

43:13 - Closing remarks

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