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What An Event Can Do For Your Podcast
Episode 1519th April 2023 • The Circle Sessions • Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy
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Brett and Yasmine share the importance of creating and organizing events for podcasters.

Brett and Don The Idea Guy talked about this concept earlier, in episode 10 and episode 14.

They dive into the details of their own successful podcasting presentation, a "lunch and learn" with a chamber of commerce, going through the challenges and success stories of their event planning journey.

Not only do they provide valuable insights into the industry, but they also give tips on how to reach a wider audience and promote your events effectively.

Whether you're a current or aspiring podcaster, this episode is a must-listen if you want to take your podcast to the next level.

Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, website design, and implementation of all of these to help you make the best podcast possible.

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The Circle of Experts are:

Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs

Tonnisha English-Amamoo of TJE Communications

Don The Idea Guy

Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy, from Circle270Media Podcast Consultants

Yasmine works alongside clients to design a website that's driven by strategy, looks amazing, and that you can actually use to grow your podcast, and your business.

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