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Uncovering the Value of Digital Twins in Construction w/ Bob Bray & Tim Kelly
Episode 1619th July 2021 • Digital Builder • Autodesk
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A digital twin is a living, breathing, real-time reflection of a built asset that helps you holistically understand the performance of that asset.

Bob Bray, Senior Director & General Manager at Autodesk, and Tim Kelly, Senior Product Manager at Autodesk, join us to uncover the world of digital twin technology.

Topics covered:

  • What is a digital twin, and how is it created?
  • The benefits of adopting a digital twin
  • Tips and avoidable challenges when implementing a digital twin
  • Maintaining digital assets and the future of digital twin technology
  • The incubator process at Autodesk

Interested in learning more about Autodesk Tandem? Check it out here.

Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk.





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