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Behind The Membership with Callie Willows - The Membership Guys EPISODE 4, 7th September 2017
Making the Leap from Products to Membership with John Tuggle
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Making the Leap from Products to Membership with John Tuggle

John Tuggle from Learning Guitar Now joins me on this weeks episode of Behind the Membership.

Learning Guitar Now has been around for over 10 years now, starting out selling books, DVDs and standalone courses before adding a membership offering into the mix. John's membership now accounts for around 75% of his monthly income, with one-off product sales making up the rest and John has a lot of great experience to share!

John has been running his membership for 3 years now, after spending 7 years selling higher priced one-off products. We talk:

  • How nicheing down and focusing on his passion made all the difference to John's success
  • Starting out selling DVDs and courses for hundreds of dollars and why John then decided to add a $19.95 per month membership
  • How going all in doubled his sales and brought him more freedom
  • Promoting a membership with free lessons and member exclusive extras
  • The benefits of selling one-off products alongside a membership
  • Dealing with ill health and the challenge of staying creative
  • How using a forum for answering member questions provides additional content
  • John's course production process
  • and much more!