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Finish the Year With A Bang! 3 Steps to Plan Your Q4 & Kickstart The New Year!
Episode 11819th September 2022 • The Lindsay Sutherland Show • Lindsay Sutherland
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Can you believe it's mid-September already!? Soon, we'll be ringing in the New Year and making those all too familiar resolutions. There is still plenty of time this year to finish strong. Tune in to today's episode to get pumped up, get clear on your vision, and map out the action items you need to finish the year strong. 

Wether you're a budding entrepreneur or established business owner, this episode will help you pause, reflect, and re-energize yourself to put into action the to-do's that need to be to-dones!

You have what it takes! If you're just getting started and you want some clarity on where you are headed text the word PIE to 33777 to get your copy of 5 Ways to Earn $5k / mo with passive income. 

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Other topics discussed today:

- How there are seasons for everything and when to cut yourself a break.

- How to schedule your to-do's to hold yourself accountable and other accountability hacks to help you accomplish your goals.

Have a pen and paper with you for this episode because you'll want to take notes!


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