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Episode 343 – Mumford and Sandwiches Make Me Feel Alive
Episode 34311th October 2021 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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We joined up with Tee-Public and set up a sale on our schwag. Be sure to shop on our site between October 13th and 17th.

(3:36) SeanGeek turns 50. SeanGeek finally put his car back

on the road post pandemic and there is a story to be told. We talk winterizing

your car, the global Celsius versus American Fahrenheit, and rainbow of colors

that make up the different types of windshield wiper fluid.

(19:00) We take some listener questions! This week, we have

a question from Sherrie Sigurdson from Giving Up The Ghost and Michael Petrow

from The Reel Debaters:

  1. What do we think about Mumford and Sons (with an appearance by and some updates on Elly’s dentist trip)
  2. Are hot dogs a sandwich?

(36:27) Do you always take the same spot in your bed, your couch, parking, and dinning table? Are you a creature of habit or do you jump spots?

(49:34) Pearl Jam’s Alive… a great cover of an old song Kiss song or…

Special shout out for The Fanboy Garage whom I was out on assignment for: The Fanboy Garage Podcast: and another shout out to Shout It Out Loudcast at

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