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London clown festival co-founder Dan Lees
Episode 23116th June 2024 • The comedians paradise • Marvin McCarthy
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An interview podcast giving the inside scoop of what happens in comedy scenes across the globe and dedicated to speaking to the mavericks in the comedy world. In this episode we speak to clown and co-founder of the London clown festival, Dan Lees. Here is an overview of what we discussed:

[[05:53]] Being tripped up by the BBC [[08:17 ]]

[[10:43]] The existence of clown [[12:23]]

[[16:05]] What makes a good clown show [[19:03]]

[[20:24]] Directing someones show [[23:22]]

[[25:39]] The Edinburgh fringe will still give you opportunities [[27:23]]

[[30:23]] People should do smaller runs at the Edinburgh fringe [[35:34]]

[[44:47]] How do you play the different gigs you are given [[46:02]]

[[48:34]] Why clowning is good training [[49:42]]

[[52:12]] Setting up the London clown festival [[57:43]]

[[59:30]] How clowns compare with standup [[01:01:06]]

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