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No. 018 The Art of Planning Before Podcasting
29th July 2015 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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As creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and Showrunners, we have a tendency to get an idea, follow our gut, and jump straight into it without planning. As Showrunners, we agree that this can be sometimes be necessary, but not always the best plan.

We begin this episode by with a quick discussion on the upcoming Podcast Movement conference, and how you can join us without flying to Texas.

Then we dive into the topic of the week: how much research is enough and how much is too much? As you will learn in this episode, this is more art than science, but we give you some key metrics to help you along your journey.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Jonny s three month idea incubation period from idea to hitting record
  • How to find unique podcasting opportunities in any market
  • Why it is essential that you understand your audience of one
  • Jerod clarifies the exact time when you need to get to work on your show

Our listener question this week is brought to you by Podcast Movement’s virtual ticket. Both Jerod and I will be presenting at Podcast Movement (July 31-August 2 in Fort Worth, Texas), and for those of you who can’t attend the conference in person, this is a way to still benefit from all of the great content that will be presented.

Go to for details on the virtual ticket.

And this week’s listener question comes to use from Kelsey Jones (@wonderwall7). She asks how do you get exposure and an audience for a podcast that’s starting from scratch. Jerod and I provide our answers.

And finally, this week’s podcast recommendation.

Listen, learn, enjoy …

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