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How to Build a Specialized Marketing Agency and Become the Best in Your Niche
31st July 2022 • Marketing Wins • Valerie Morris
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In this episode you will learn about:

  • When should you start hiring help for your business?
  • The importance of having mentors.
  • Examples of what you can learn from a good mentor.
  • Useful advice for new entrepreneurs.
  • Why marketing agency owners need both marketing and business experience.
  • Do you really need office space for remote teams?
  • How to decide which activities you should do yourself and which activities you should delegate.
  • Is it better to target a large market or specialize?
  • How to decide what to specialize in?
  • The process that Alex went through to select a niche for his business.
  • Do people look to buy the best product or the safest option when it comes to digital products?
  • Key differences between marketing financial services and sport products, the two industries that Alex has most experience in.
  • How to create Facebook ads that better resonate with the end consumer. 
  • Are marketers able to achieve better results when they know their clients better?
  • How to become the best in your niche. 
  • Should you worry about missing out on opportunities when you specialize in one niche?
  • Why it is important to say no to some opportunities.
  • Is it possible to set-up factory like processes for digital marketing agencies in order to improve efficiency?
  • The importance of selecting a target market with a significant market size to focus on.
  • How having standardized processes can help your business become more cost competitive.
  • Legal compliance issues when trying to grow a business internationally.
  • How understanding legal compliance can be a key point of differentiation for your business. 
  • The power of referrals for digital marketing agencies.
  • Why you should try to answer specific questions in your content online.
  • Are clients not going to hire you if you reveal too much useful information online?

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