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Surviving the Holocaust interview, part 1, Oskar Knoblauch
Episode 711th August 2019 • Global Gospel Worship Radio • Marina Maria
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My name is Oskar Knoblauch. I was born in Leipzig Germany in 1925. As a young boy I experienced the rise of Nazism and the ensuing European Holocaust of World War II. In 2010, after much encouragement from my family and friends, I published my book, A Boy’s Story A Man’s Memory-Surviving the Holocaust 1933-1945. The book details my families struggle to survive those years, a brutal time for all European Jewry and countless other innocent people. My story is one of many to emerge from the ashes of the Holocaust, but it is one that is filled with the ideals of honor, hope, courage, trust, love, respect, and tolerance. More than just a lesson of history, I hope my message will help ignite the passion to live these virtues. I am currently an active public speaker and a board member of the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors Association. After I began to speak about the Holocaust, and details of my book, it quickly became clear just how vitally important Holocaust education is for everyone! My voice of tolerance campaign urges students, teachers, and adults of all ages, to proactively teach and promote Holocaust education, and stresses the importance of respect and tolerance.Together, I believe we can work in harmony to be the voice of tolerance in our hearts.