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Start Experimenting with Paid Ads Today
Episode 1029th March 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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How do you get your paid ads to start reeling in results that measure up? The key is experimentation. Like every part of the scientific process, there are steps, methods, and guidelines for ad experimentation, and that’s what we delve into on this episode of Demand Gen U.

Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing is joined by Silvio Perez, Head of Performance Marketing at Metadata to explore the ins and outs of experimenting with paid ads.

We explore the common mistakes people make with experimentation, how to start testing ads, different outcomes to look out for, and some insights into ads testing well with Metadata customers.

Watch the full episode to learn how to make the most of your paid ad experiments.

Find out:

  • What common mistakes people make when testing ads
  • Steps to take when experimenting with paid ads
  • Five core outcomes for paid advertising

00:00 - 00:54 Intro

00:55 - 03:37 Why it’s vital to keep experimentation simple

03:38 - 05:40  The importance of attaching an outcome to your goals

05:41 - 09:26 Why capturing demand should be your first outcome

09:27 -  12:42 When to start creating demand

12:43 - 14:16 How to align your budget with your outcomes

14:17 - 18:09 Why isolating variables is the focal point of experimentation

18:10 - 22:01 How to actually test your ads

22:02 - 23:40 The rule of thumb when testing ad variations

23:41 - 28:19 Gated vs ungated content

28:20 - 29:35 How to approach different types of ad experiments

29:36 - 33:23 What Silvio is experimenting on with metadata customers

33:24 - 36:02 Silvio’s inspiration for new experimentation ideas

36:03 - 37:00 Outro