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The Caroline glick Show - Caroline glick EPISODE 3, 29th April 2021
Episode 3 - The rising specter of Middle East War
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Episode 3 - The rising specter of Middle East War

The Biden team's rush to appease and empower Iran is increasing the prospects of a major war breaking out in the MIddle East. In the third episode of the Caroline Glick Mideast News Hour, Caroline and guest host Dan Diker, a political warfare expert from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs discuss the impact of the Biden administration's tilt against Israel in light of the rise in Palestinian violence against Israeli Jews through street beatings and missile strikes; and Iran's growing confidence that it can attack Israel directly and through its terror proxies.

s Israel's prolonged political instability and the growing chance tht Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will soon be replaced by an inexperienced successor, anti-Semitism is also playing a larger and more dangerous role in global affairs.