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Go Beyond Numbers - The Power of Words
Episode 415th September 2021 • Go Beyond Numbers • Tony Rose
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Words are extremely important and they possess the power to alter our lives. Oftentimes, the words that roll around in our heads manifest some way in not only our business dealings, but our personal lives as well.

In the latest installment of Go Beyond Numbers, Tony Rose breaks down some of the words he finds to be essential in both his personal and professional life. Listen as Tony explores his definition of these words, as well as the flip-side to them.

Through this conversation, Tony showcases the important differences behind goals versus outcomes. Both words come across as similar, but they contain vastly different ideals behind them!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another thought-provoking conversation surrounding the power of words. Also, we invite all our listeners to share their own list of words with us via our Facebook page.


0:05 - Overview on the power of words

1:45 - Why Tony believes words are so important in every moment of our lives

2:53 - The importance of having curiosity in your life and business

5:37 - The negative aspects associated with indifference or complacency

8:30 - The importance behind persistence, determination, and tenacity

14:46 - Tony's meaning behind confidence, assurance, and courage

23:15 - The emotions and actions surrounding defense, protection, and security

27:58 - How offense and aggression comes into play with business and personal life

35:15 - A missed opportunity can be an opportunity

43:08 - Tony's favorite set of words with power

44:55 - Inviting our audience to share their words with us on the Go Beyond Numbers Facebook Page

46:12 - Closing remarks

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