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Reflections on Year 2 of Member Site Academy
6th September 2017 • Membership Geeks Podcast with Mike Morrison & Callie Willows • Membership Geeks
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Just like that, another year is over. As we reach the 2nd anniversary of Member Site Academy, we have some insights and lessons to share from the past 12 months.

In what is sure to become a tradition, I’m joined on this very special episode of the podcast by the real brains behind The Membership Guys, the one and only Callie Willows, to discuss year two of running the Academy.

In this episode, Callie and I discuss:

  • Picking up where we left off on last year’s episode and looking at where things went from there.
  • Changes we’ve made to our strategy and the reasons and circumstances behind those decisions
  • Our highlights from the past 12 months, what’s worked, what hasn’t and what challenges we’ve faced
  • A sneak peek at our future plans for the Member Site Academy and the business in general