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Women Over 50 - A Life Redesigned - Shelly Drymon 19th April 2021
Speak Out, Be Seen & Lead - My Interview with Adria Firestone
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Speak Out, Be Seen & Lead - My Interview with Adria Firestone

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Adria spent over half her life on the international stage in opera and music theater and then hit 50 goin' about 90 and crashed and burned. She then had to ask herself - Who was I now?

To listen she became a coach, to learn, a teacher and now she is The Charisma Expert and helps entrepreneurs make client-attracting video to tap into their authentic charisma so they can grow their business quickly.

Adria's free gift to you.

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Adria Firestone, The Charisma Expert, is a speaker, author and certified Rapid Results Coach who works with clients around the globe. She is a leading consultant for video skills, a branding and communication expert, and a leader in personal and professional development.

Adria has decades of international, award-winning performance, media experience and coaching the vocal, visual and verbal aspects of presentation. Adria’s credits range from Carmen in Bizet’s opera to Family Guy. She has been published in WSJ, the Huffington Post, Woman’s Day and was featured on RAI TV, Telemundo, and News 12 New Jersey.