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Successful, Intuitive and Sensitive Entrepreneurs - Lydia Sophia Wilmsen EPISODE 34, 4th August 2020
When to let go of something and when to keep persevering
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When to let go of something and when to keep persevering

In today’s episode I speak about a big question in business and actually everywhere in life. When to let go of something and when to keep persevering. Persevering and keeping going in our achievement oriented society is equated with success. Letting go and giving up is seen as failure.

Therefore, I will first help you to question the common narrative of seeing perseverance as success and letting go as failure and start seeing different perspectives. 

And then I will give you some pragmatic ways to actually get clarity on what to do in your specific scenarios, where you don’t know if to persevere or let go. Might it be a business idea you have been working on for a long time without having the desired results, or a relationship you don't know if you want to keep having or a habit you have been following without results.

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Enjoy the episode and much love!




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