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Ask Me Anything: Stop Treating Your Relationship as a Liability
Episode 999th August 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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So many of you don't treat your relationship as an ASSET, you treat it as a LIABILITY. This is a PROBLEM. So many of you are so focused on thinking about HER and saving the marriage, that you miss what’s possible for YOU and YOUR growth. This is a PROBLEM. These are some of the truths Mark is bringing you this week in this week’s Ask Me Anything episode.

 Are you wondering how to deal with the PAIN of getting a divorce? Do you need guidance about what to say and what NOT to say to your wife during difficult times? Do you need help letting her go and don’t know where to turn? Mark is bringing you this week’s episode LIVE from inside the 5-day challenge and he’s answering YOUR questions on becoming an EMPOWERED man. If you’re not in the Thrive Community or 5-day challenge yet, you are MISSING OUT. Get in there now and take RESPONSIBILITY for your own growth.

“Full ownership is recognizing the problem, acknowledging, creating a plan and executing the plan. That is full ownership.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- Mark shares one of the most HUMBLING statements you can ever say to yourself

- Being with your wife is like an ADDICTION. This is why…

- Find out why so many of you LOSE your identity in the process of being married to a woman

- THIS is the ONLY way you can focus on and work on yourself…

- Discover what full ownership really looks like

- THIS is how the THRIVE community can help you get your POWER back…

- Your story is NO different from anyone else’s story. Here’s why…

And much more…


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