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Kanye Set To Buy Parler & How We Can Reduce Our E-Waste Footprint Globally | TF320
Episode 32025th October 2022 • The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B • AmberMac Media
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We take a look at social platform Mastadon with CEO, Eugen Rochko, who explains why they're proudly anti-Facebook. Plus, Getaway is simplifying the luxury real estate market. Co-founder, Ali Nichols, joins to reveal the plan making it possible. Also, e-waste is reaching alarming levels with up to 30% of all phones in the world no longer in use, abandoned in drawers or landfills. Pascal Leroy, Director General of the WEEE Forum, proposes strategies to reduce our e-waste footprint globally. In Socially Speaking, we discuss empty offices and the future of work.

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