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S2 The Long Road to Liberation with Jo-Anne McArthur
12th August 2021 • Sentient Planet • Susan Woodward
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We're honored to launch Season 2 with this guest, the acclaimed animal photojournalist, author, humane educator and founder of We Animals Media, Jo-Anne McArthur.

Perhaps no human has done more to bring the suffering of our animal kin into the light. For more than 20 years, across more than 60 countries, Jo has documented the truth of what happens to billions of animals in some of the darkest places on the planet.

In this wide-ranging conversation, she describes We Animals' unfailing focus on the industries that perpetrate and perpetuate the most suffering, especially factory farms. She talks about the resilience required to continue her confronting work, how a new genre of "animal photojournalism" is inspiring the next generation of artist-advocates, and what each of us can do to create more just conditions for the domestic and wild species with whom we share the Earth.

Be sure to look for our bonus episode! Jo recites an ancient Buddhist prayer for the liberation of all beings, including we humans.

More: Jo's courageous lifework has won her numerous awards, including Nature Photographer of the Year 2020 for her iconic image of a kangaroo and her joey against the backdrop of a burnt eucalyptus forest - survivors of the Black Summer Climate Fires that ravaged Australia.

In addition, We Animals' urgent and unprecedented new photo collection, HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene, recently won Photography Book of the Year by Pictures of the Year International and the Gold Medal for Outstanding Book of the Year - Most Likely to Save the Planet by Independent Publisher. "Hidden" includes a foreword by the Academy Award-winning actor and animal rights activist, Joaquin Phoenix.

Calls to action:

  • We're excited to partner with Jo to give one of our listeners a signed copy of "Hidden." Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and look for instructions on how you can win.
  • Follow and support Jo and We Animals.
  • If you're a student or educator, discover courses and resources in humane education here. (If you're in Canada, go here.)
  • Reduce your consumption of animal products, or transition to a fully plant-based diet!
  • Look for animal causes you can support in your local community.
  • Consider supporting Sentient Planet on Patreon for just a few dollars a month.

Intro music: "The Spaces Between" by Scott Buckley.

Interstitial music: "Eternity" by Stellardrone.

Photo: Josee Van Wissen/We Animals Media.