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The Prison Post #17 The Policy Hour with Ken Oliver featuring Esteban Nuñez, ARC
Episode 179th December 2020 • The Prison Post • CROP Organization
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Welcome the the Prison Post Policy Hour with CROP Organization's Director of Business Development Ken Oliver. In this third episode of the policy hour, Ken Oliver interviews Esteban Nuñez. Esteban was first introduced to civic engagement and activism at an early age as the son of a local activist and union organizer. Esteban served six years of confinement in California, yet used this time to think deeply, explore his past, and pursue a direction of greater purpose with his life. Having thought long and hard about the ways in which his actions had impacted others, Esteban committed his life and work to change the misconceptions and negative stigmas associated with criminality. Today Esteban Nuñez is Director of State Advocacy for the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. The purpose of this interview was to inquire of Esteban about the landscape of California's Criminal Justice Reform policies. Recapping the wins and losses of 2020 and discussing the horizon for criminal justice reform in 2021. Please listen closely to his story about his experience of incarceration, his personal transformation, and the impact he is making today.



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